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APA C.H.O.D.E. Self Timing Muzzle Brake

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It's hard to even sit here and type this without laughing.







Muzzle brake started out while having a few adult beverages after a long day on the range.  The reality is, through extensive research, we have found that the majority of the recoil reduction is done in the first port. With the modern competition shooter who is trying to squeeze every bit of velocity out of a extra long barrel in mind, we developed a very effective brake that won't add much length on to your already long barrel!

So, now you have the recoil reduction you want, the length you want, Gen 2 timing/locking features, and a muzzle brake with an awesome name at a fraction of the cost. Win Win Win WIN!

 3.5 oz

The Chode is a perfect fit for barrels .800 - 1.0 inch in diameter at the muzzle.