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Athlon Polymer Throw Levers

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Athlon Polymer Throw Levers by Anarchy Outdoors

Want to speed magnification adjustments, try an optic upgrade. Anarchy Outdoors' throw levers are a key addition to any optic. 

These scope throw levers are specific to each Athlon scope model for a premium fit and feel. Our unique, high-quality throw lever designs allow the shooter to see through the throw lever instead of blocking the elevation turret. 

Our scope throw levers are an incredibly strong Nylon 11 and with a ceramic coated countersunk thread insert for a secure install.

Installation is lightning fast. Loosen the screw, slip the polymer throw lever over the optics' magnification adjustment ring and tighten down the inline screw. Each scope throw lever is post-processed for an HD finish and double-checked for outstanding quality.  

Features & Benefits of Anarchy Outdoors Athlon Throw Lever

  • Post Processed 
  • Zoom in and out quick and easy 
  • Great for the precision and game alike
  • Manufactured from Nylon 11 composite material for maximum strength and durability
  • HD Finish
  • Premium Fit and Feel
  • Ceramic Coated counter sunk thread insert for the most secure install
  • View Window
  • Made in the USA

At Anarchy Outdoors, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver high-quality, precision, and cutting-edge gear for firearm enthusiasts. All Anarchy Outdoors’ developed products come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.