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ATI Tactical Flip Up Front and Rear Back Up Sights Set - Polymer

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This set of polymer sights is the perfect affordable addition for your American Tactical pistols and carbines.  These same plane sights are made of polymer that fold up or down with crisp precision so your sights will stay where you want them.  The front sight has an adjustable A2 post with a spring-loaded posi-lock design that automatically locks into place to guarantee zero when raised. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and has two apertures.  Don't be without your back up sights if your optics fail.  Zero in up close or at distance with your American Tactical flip up sights today!

     - Polymer

     - Same plane level sights for receivers and rails

     - Adjustable A2 front sight post

     - 2 aperture rear sight adjustable for windage