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Barrel Badger Bore Cleaner

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It's been a long day in the field. You put yourself - and your gun - through the wringer to get to the perfect spot. The trophy you want will come along before the daylight fades, and the last thing you want is your firearm failing. Enter Outers Barrel Badger - from the makers of BoreSnake. Just drop the brass weight into the chamber and feed it through the barrel. The Barrel Badger's two brushes loosen fouling and buildup as it's pulled through the barrel. It has 160x more surface area than a traditional patch, giving you a quick clean in no time. Use it dry or with Outers gun cleaning products. Nothing is more effective and affordable than Barrel Badger.

  • By the makers of BoreSnake
  • Fast, quality bore cleaning system
  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Covers calibers from .22 to 12 gauge
  • Size stamped on brass weight
  • Washable