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Harris Bipod Direct Mount

$36.99 - $39.99
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Harris Bipod Direct Mount: Mount your "S" series Harris Bipod directly to your KRG chassis, KRG Spigot Mount, or KRG Arca Clamp. This will minimize bipod twist and give a more solid mounting option. It also brings the bipod closer to the bore a small amount. Use this mount in conjunction with our Arca Clamp and you can quickly move your bipod to any position on an Arca Rail such as our Forend Arca Rail or our Arca Spigot. Also can be mounted to some items with Magpul L2 hole spacing (1.190").


There are two versions, an inline mounting version with two attachment screws *which fits KRG chassis forends* and a wide version with four attachment screws which has more lateral stability but is more limited in mounting positions. Hole spacing on both versions front to rear is 1.190", hole spacing width on wide version is .900" which is standard width for KRG forend mounting holes.


Fits: Inline version fits KRG chassis forends on Whiskey-3, X-ray, and Bravo, also KRG Spigot Mount and Arca Clamp. Wide version fits KRG Arca Clamp and some rear positions on KRG forends.

Restrictions: Only works with swivel Harris bipods (S-series).

**The Harris Bipod Direct Mount IS NOT required for mounting a bipod to our chassis systems. Every chassis ships with a Harris Stud and a section on Pic rail**

***For mounting on a Bravo, X-ray, Whiskey-3, or Spigot Mount we recommend using the inline version***

Weight: 1oz Inline, 1.3oz Wide

Material: 7075 Aluminum with hard anodize

Made by KRG