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The MDT GRND-POD was designed to maximize versatility, as well as cost savings, while retaining features that we, through your feedback, knew to be most important in a precision rifle bipod.

With an overall design direction and approval for the bipod, we began to dive deeper into specific bipod features, like adjustable leg lengths, cant with adjustable tension, bipod legs that can be deployed both quickly and easily, and of course stability and strength, exploring some new-to-us materials and manufacturing techniques along the way. Determined to incorporate all of these features at a cost that makes sense, we would not stop until we had achieved our project goal.

Bringing you the MDT GRND-POD, a premium quality bipod, without a premium price tag.


Rapid deploy legs and single-handed adjustments make this bipod ideal for creating a solid and stable shooting base for your rifle in as little time as possible.


Uneven terrain is a big problem for some bipods, and often causes issues when attempting to level your rifle and get your crosshair on target quickly. The MDT GRND-POD leg lengths are independently adjustable to accomodate for these real life scenarios where you don't get to simply lay your rifle on flat ground.


Along with the independent leg adjustability, bipod cant also plays an important role in stabalizing your rifle on rocky or uneven terrain. With toolless tension adjustment and one-handed operation, the MDT GRND-POD not only addresses these concerns but squashes them.


Attachment head options for either Picatinny or ARCA / RRS Dovetail.


Speed plays such an important factor in precision rifle sports, or simply the convenience of product use in general shooting. Leg position and length, cant tension and adjustment, stowing and deploying your MDT GRND-POD can all be done with a single hand, leaving your other hand completely free to control the rifle.