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Olight Baldr S

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● Upgraded Performance: Combining both a highly visible green beam and 800 lumens of white light. The runtime is upgraded to 140 minutes.

● Adjustable Rail: Slide the rail adapter back and forth freely to fix the light in the desired position. Quick installation and removal within one second

● Smooth Operation: Smooth momentary-on or constant-on activation through dual rear switches; easily switch modes with a quick flip in a concealed size.

● Wide Compatibility: Compatible with both Glock (insert already installed) and Picatinny sized rails (insert included in the package)



✔ Power And Precision

The Baldr S is one of the most powerful compact light/green beam combos on the market. Its white light output goes up to an amazing 800 lumens and is complemented by a low 100-lumen setting.

✔ Foolproof Accuracy

A mode setting switch to select white light, green beam only, or both combined.

✔ Concealed Size

Fits unobtrusively with compact barrels. No need to attach or detach it repeatedly.

✔ Compatible And Reliable

Two tightening screws are added to the slide rail mount, keeping the green beam right on the target even after intense recoil.

✔ Patented Slide Rail Mount

The light can be slid back and forth on the sliding rail to the best position, which makes it even more compatible.

✔ Quick Install System

With the quick-install system, you can attach and release the light in seconds for instant activation.

✔ Simple Magnetic Charging

The Charging cable snaps on instantly. Gets charging started right away.

✔ Quick As Possible

Dual ambidextrous switches for smooth momentary-on or constant-on activation by either hand with ease.

✔ Choose A Color For Your Summer

Black & Desert Tan & Gunmetal Grey & Blue, four colors to choose from in this shining summer!