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SAP Kydex Kestrel Holster

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Here's a great way to keep your Kestrel weather meter handy right on your belt or pack! Custom molded Kydex holster fits your 5500/5700 series units perfectly.  They use a High Strength hooked clip to attach to your belt, so you can be confident that it wont come off accidentally. The same clip also works to hook to Molle webbing on your pack or tripod accessories (Clip is 1.5" wide and may need to be trimmed slightly to fit some narrower webbing openings). They come in Black, Coyote, Grey, and OD colors. These are hand made in the USA! 

  • 1.5" or 1.75" belt clip options
  • Coyote, Black, Grey, and OD colors
  • Protects the buttons while in the holster
  • High strength SAP engraved belt clip
  • Works for 5700, 5700 Elite, and 5500 units
  • Made in USA