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Sightmark Quick Detach Battery Pack

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  • 1 Light blinking: Charging from 0-25%
  • 1 Light solid- second light blinking: Charging from 25-50%
  • 2 Lights solid- third light blinking: Charging from 50-75%
  • 3 Lights solid- forth light blinking: Charging from 75-100%
  • 4 Lights solid: Battery fully charged
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  • Tool less quick detach mount
  • 10000 mAh capacity
  • Powers devices with all USB formats
  • USB type A to micro USB cable
Product Description

This Sightmark battery pack , and it will power your optics – giving you more time at the range, or in the bush, and less time sitting next to a wall outlet. This battery pack will fit any device with a Universal USB Type A, and it weighs a mere 9 ounces, to avoid overloading your firearm. Featuring a “battery-charging” indicator, and made of durable, flame-retardant ABS, this battery pack is an excellent addition to any shooting system.

Paten Number: US 10,969,201 B1


Battery Type Li-Polymer
Rated Capacity (MilliAmpere-hour Rating), mAh 10,000
Input Voltage, V 5.0
Input Amperage, A 2.0
Output Voltage, V 5.0
Output Amperage, A 2.1
Battery charge indication Yes
Input type for battery charging microUSB
Output Type for Battery Power Universal USB Type A
Mount Type Picatinny
Body Material Flame-retardant ABS
Charging temperature range (F/C) 50-113/10-45
Discharging temperature (F/C) 32-140/0-60
Length (in/mm) 5.51/140 (in/mm)
Width (in/mm) 2.75/70 (in/mm)
Height (in/mm) 1.06/27 (in/mm)
Weight, oz 9 oz